Introducing Grid 2.0
Spreadsheet plugin control for REALbasic.

New in Grid 2.0:

* The Grid has now adopted the Einhugur Floating Engine from StyleGrid
2.0. Like in the StyleGrid then the Floating Engine is

– Object oriented.
– Garbage collected internally.
– Multiple Grids can share the same datacontainer and act as
multiple views on the same data.
– Rows can be shared across multiple Grids or within the same Grid.
– Cells which have not been written to are virtual and do not
actually exist until they are needed.
– The floating engine is bounds checked to minimize risk of crashes=

* Now uses REALEntry API to make the Grid extendable for other plugin
authors. Same API calls are avalible as to the StyleGrid.

* The Grid has now adopted the Einhugur Grid Rendering Engine 4.0 from
StyleGrid 2.5, which gives much faster cell rendering than previous

* Win32 Target is now supported. (This is first implementation of the
Win32 support so it comes as is without guaranties)

* Added support for smart scrolling under PPC (System 8.5 and later).

* More than 32k of Rows now supported under Carbon, PPC (System 8.5 and
later) and Win32.

* Removed all dependencies to the depreciated REALGetControlHWND
(depreciated in the new REALbasic plugin SDK)

* Fixed a DoubleClick bug when SelectEntireRow was true.

For those who don’t know then we provide wide range of spreadsheet
solutions for REALbasic, the Grid control is intended for those who need a
view on simple tabular data. If you need to have different styles per cell
then refer to our StyleGrid control.

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