Proscenic, which specializes in smart home appliances, has announced the DustZero S3, an all-in-one smart vacuum. 

It’s available for preorder at for an exclusive early-bird price of US$329. There will also be other specials with prices starting at $379 and up. The product will have an manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $499. Consumers will reportedly receive their vacuums in early 2023.

To bring a better, more hygienic cleaning solution to the home, the DustZero S3 allows users to keep their hands clean and breathe cleaner air with an innovative dust collection base, according to Miles Jiang, Vice President of Proscenic marketing team of Proscenic. He says the base provides a hygienic cleaning solution for your home.  

It automatically collects and stores all the dust from the vacuum in a removable, sealed compartment with a large capacity dust bag.  In addition, the DustZero S3 features five layers of filtration and UV sterilization that purportedly traps 99.99% of ultrafine dust and allergens, while also removing odors.  Each dust bag can hold up to 30 days of dust.

DustZero S3 is built with a brushless 450w vacuum motor that delivers a suction power of 30,000 KPa. The vacuum features “VBoost” technology that automatically adjusts the vacuum for the best suction power based on the floor type. And the vacuum is cordless and rechargeable, with up to 60 minutes of run time per charge.

The vacuum weighs only 6.6 pounds. The system’s LED touch screen provides real-time working modes, battery levels and maintenance alerts as you vacuum. The LED headlight on the brush head provides users with a clear view of dark spots, such as the space underneath the couch or bed.

The DustZero S3 features four adjustable working modes: Eco Mode (basic cleaning), High Power (extensive dust), Auto (automatically adjusts for optimal suction) and Turbo Mode (max suction).  It comes with several auxiliary brushes including a Motorized Brush for use on hardwood floors and carpets; a Round Brush, which together with the extension tube, is designed for removing hair and dust from curtains, bookshelves and sofas; and a Long Crevice Nozzle: to remove debris from corners and crevices. A pet grooming kit will be sold separately.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today