Jacob Colvin — environmentalist, ocean enthusiast, and YouTube personality — has launched Animal Rescue Island (ARI), an ocean-based animal rescue game, set to release on Roblox to courage audiences to support underfunded animal rescue centers through gameplay. 

“Animal Rescue Island’ is an ocean animal-based rescue game where you and your friends can save animals, build your animal rescue center tycoons, and trade your adorable ocean pets. With a portion of our revenue going towards funding real-life animal care centers, your gameplay will have a positive impact on our real-world oceans.” He says. “ARI came to fruition by my community asking what they can do to help the ocean. ARI is the answer to that question. No matter where you live in the world you can play the game, and by doing so you are making a positive difference in the real world.”

 Available to play on a variety of devices (including the iPhone) and consoles, Animal Rescue Island will allow players to build and upgrade their animal rescue centers while having the opportunity to hatch, trade, and upgrade adorable ocean pets and rescue animals that wash up on tropical beaches. The game will allow users to fully explore and roleplay in an animal-filled paradise island while learning new ways to help ocean life outside of the virtual world through a fully interactive game. 

You can learn more about where to play and how to contribute via the official website at, animalrescueisland.com.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today