The Sellers Research Group (that’s me) is skeptical, but a report from Time2play, a site that specializes in online casino comparisons, says that there’s only “tepid” interest in the upcoming iPhone 14, which will almost certainly debut at tomorrow’s “Far out” event.

When Time2play asked iPhone users, all of whom currently use an iPhone X or later, if they plan to upgrade to some version of the forthcoming iPhone 14, only 9.5% said they are definitely upgrading. The majority, 58.8% said they have no plans to upgrade, while 31.8% said they might upgrade, depending on the price and new features announced. Of those who are on the fence, the most desired features to entice an upgrade are a better camera, a larger battery regardless of a physical size increase to the phone, and USB-C charging. 

The folks at Time2play says when they asked respondents why they’re sticking with their current iPhone, the majority, 64.9%, said it’s because Apple is no longer innovating enough to justify the cost of the upgrade. A further 20.8% said they think the upgrade is too expensive, while 14.3% simply have no desire to make the jump. 

Time2Play also asked respondents if they would pay more for a made-in-USA iPhone model; 89.6% said they’re not willing to pay more for this.

I beg to differ

However, I think that sales of the iPhone 14 will match, and probably exceed, the very-healthy sales of the iPhone 13. For example, total demand for iPhone is expected to exceed 220 million units in fiscal year 2023 “given the pent up demand story that we are seeing globally for Apple…”, according to Webush analyst  Daniel Ives.


In August 2022, Time2Play surveyed 2,549 U.S.-based iPhone users. Everyone surveyed also reported owning at least two iPhones previously. The average age of respondents was 34.4 years. The average household income of respondents was $68,606 per year. 

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today