SwitchBot, a retrofitting smart home brand, has announced the availability of its Lock. It allows you to lock/unlock a door with your iPhone or Apple Watch.

The Switchbot Lock is available on Amazon for US$99.99, however an extra 15%discount is available using code “15G358WY” until Sept. 15, making the lock just $85. 

According to the folks at SwitchBot, the biggest upgrade of the SwitchBot Lock is it doesn’t need any refit on the current lock to make it “smart.” It uses 3M VHB to stick to the door and has a thumb-turn adapter to control the thumb-turn to lock or unlock. You lock/unlock a door via the SwitchBot app that’s available for the iPhone and Apple Watch.

SwitchBot Lock supports Bluetooth. The SwitchBot app can be used on an iPhone or Apple Watch to open the Lock when, for instance, you get home. The SwitchBot Lock has an automated lock feature so that when a person leaves their house, the door will automatically lock.

By adding a SwitchBot Hub Mini, users can control unlock or lock remotely. Both Google and Alexa voice assistant are supported to lock or unlock (to ensure security, users simply need to tell the voice assistant their pre-set password before opening your door), but not, alas, Apple’s Siri.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today