From: Steve Crisp (
Subject: MGI is now Free!

Many of you have wanted to use MGI, but were reluctant to purchase MGI 2
since OS 9 and WebStar 4.x are essentially dead products. Not only do we
understand that logic, we agree with it completely. As such, we are doing
two things about it.

One: We are committed to porting MGI to run under OS X/WebStar V and OS
X/Apache. The WebStar V port is in progress, and the Apache port will
follow on the heels of WebStar. But…

We also recognize that there are many people who, for a very long time,
will also continue to use OS 9/WebStar 4.x for whatever reasons they have.
And we understand those reasons. As such…

Two: We want as many people as possible using MGI on the systems they are
presently accustomed to. We, therefore, are giving away MGI 2. Yes, you
read that correctly.

We are giving it away. All you have to do is download MGI 2 for Macintosh
at ( and install
the fully-functioning serial number included in this email. You may run MGI
on as many machines as you wish and you may allow as many clients to use
every single function of MGI that they want. (The license key is for five
machines on one LAN, but if you need another one for five more, all you
need to do is ask for it.)

By doing this, we hope that you and your clients will so much like the ease
and power of MGI that when the ports are done, you will purchase the new
version of MGI running on OS X.

There are no catches here. The version of MGI you download and install now
on OS 9 will not time out, be crippled, or self-destruct when the port is
done. Indeed, even if you do not want to purchase the MGI port, you may
continue to use as many copies of MGI running on OS 9 as you wish for as
long as you choose to do so. Any code you develop running MGI under OS 9
will be fully portable over to MGI running under OS X, so you need not
worry about having to do massive recodes if you ever want to switch.

All we ask is that you try it out.

The serial number for the free copy of MGI is:

Serial Number: MGI2-?WSB2W#E-An4VvXV8-dRArjgS$

Authorization Number: DD2&py*K-XyWaHX-Tyc*8K8w

Knock yourself out and feel free to join our talklist for support issues at
( You will want to register
for the MGI2 talklist.

And if you REALLY like MGI, you can always send us what you want to as a
token of appreciation, but it is not required. 🙂