On May 10, Apple announced that it was discontinuing the iPod touch, the last model of the iPod still being manufactured. So are iPods actually worth hanging onto as “collectors items” or is it best to cash out now?

SellCell, a site for selling used electronic devices, has analyzed the prices of leading iPod buyers to determine their current resale value. Here are the main findings from the report:

  • iPods on average have depreciated by 89% since launch. This is, however, low depreciation considering some of the iPods are 20 years old. Depreciation ranges from 98% (2003 range) to 71% for newer 2019 iPods
  • The iPod Touch 7th Gen 256GB has the best resale value. Users can still get $100 for this iPod in good condition
  • Newer iPods still retain a fairly good resale value, with the iPod Touch 7th Gen 128GB still worth $70 (good condition), iPod Touch 7th Gen 256GB still worth $100 (good condition) and the iPod Touch 6th Gen 128GB worth $60 (good condition)
  • Average Resale value has remained fairly static over the last 6 months. There has been a small, marginal recovery in resale value since Apple made its announcement to discontinue the iPod on 10th May of circa 3%. This is based on the tracked prices of a selection of iPods showing an average depreciation rate of 86.3% on 1st May 22 to 83.4% on 16th May 22
  • Average value you can get for your old iPod is $28, but this ranges from $5 – $100 for newer iPods
  • Early iPod Classics are now only worth $5 – $32. The iPod Classic 7th Gen 160GB is still worth a respectable $61 in good condition

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today