Apple discontinued the iPod touch last week, sunsetting arguably one of the most popular consumer electronic device categories of the last 2 decades. 

Almost immediately, reports spread that consumers took to online marketplaces like OfferUp to sell their old devices and we’re fetching top dollar for the now discontinued iPods. (OfferUp is an online mobile-first marketplace with an emphasis on in-person transactions.) 

The folks at OfferUp say their data from the last week tells a different story, however. While iPod listing prices increased roughly US$10 this past week, the average listing price was still sub-$100. That said, the iPod touch was the most popular iPod listing last week and in 2022, and also increased in listing price by +38% ($113.87) week-over-week.

According to Offerup, the average listing price for iPods in 2022 is $75. Last week the average listing price increased to $86. The average listing price of an iPod touch (the most popular) increased by 38%.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today