Another day, another lawsuit. Apple faces a new multi-billion euro lawsuit out of The Netherlands by the Consumer Competition Claims Foundation that claims the tech giant overcharges users who purchase apps and in-app subscriptions through the App Store. 

The lawsuit also accuses Apple of partaking in “market dominance” and “anti-competitive practices.” On its website, the Consumer Competition Claims Foundation, a non-profit organization, has this to say: Consumers have been overcharged 5 billion euros for their app and in-app purchases and should demand a refund. Apple has reaped this excess profit by abusing its market dominance at the expense of European consumers. 

By using anti-competitive practices, Apple has been able to charge excessively high prices and impose restrictive conditions. Apple excluded all competition and withheld choice for consumers on their App-store and in-app purchases. 

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today