Maxprog has released version 6.0 of MaxBulk Mailer, the US$59.90 bulk
email application for Mac OS X and Windows platforms. It’s now
available in English, German, French, Japanese, Italian, Spanish,
Dutch, Chinese, Russian and Portuguese.

Version 6.0 also adds remote list management, message favorites, an
external images location tag, the ability to import email addresses
directly from a web page, global blacklist features, selective
settings backup and transfer, configurable tag data types, new global
preferences, and new account settings, as well as support for
creating message templates, a new test mode

MaxBulk Mailer is an email-merge solution for the Mac and Windows
systems that supports plain text, HTML and rich text formats
including optional plain text alternative and attachments. It
includes document and contact management, support for multiple lists
and multiple accounts with POP, APOP and ESMTP authentication, SSL,
groups, mySQL and postgreSQL imports, unicode UTF-8 support, 40
encoding for virtually any language and more.

You can download MaxBulk Mailer v6.0 for Mac OS X and Windows here: