Jamf, which specializes in Apple Enterprise Management, announced it’s rolling out a new offering to help organizations manage and secure personally-owned devices that employees bring to work, while upholding employee’s personal privacy. Jamf’s new bring-your-own-device (BYOD) offering is available now.

“The modern work world has changed dramatically in that employees are working from anywhere and everywhere. At the same time, employees are relying on personal devices they feel comfortable on to access company resources,” CEO  Dean Hager said in a press release. “Because of this, organizations are now revisiting BYOD and looking to strike the right balance between organizational security needs and end-user privacy.”

Apple recently announced Service Discovery, a feature that drives account-driven user enrollment, which is a workflow that streamlines the way end users enroll their personally-owned devices while also separating user data from corporate data. This is done by associating a personal Apple ID with personal data and a Managed Apple ID with corporate data and also allows for limited management of devices using a set of configurations that associate management with the user, not the entire device. 

The folks at Jamf say this workflow has many benefits, including:

  • Improved security because there is no organizational URL needed to enroll, meaning less potential for a phishing attack.
  • “Just right” IT management where IT admins can still manage and secure corporate data on the device by automatically deploying configurations for access to Wi-Fi, VPN, Email and other corporate services.
  • Employee protection and privacy by separating personal data from corporate data to ensure preservation of the users’ privacy, guaranteeing IT can only manage corporate information and not access personal apps or data.
  • A streamlined enrollment where users are empowered to enroll their personal device into Jamf with a few simple clicks, through a workflow that is familiar to them – using the Settings app on their device.

Jamf’s new BYOD offering is available now for iPhone and iPad. Customers can access this offering through Jamf’s Business and Enterprise plans at no additional charge, or for US$6 per device per year.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today