Nemetschek North America ( says its
Vectorworks Architect software has been tested by the National
3D-4D-BIM Program with the General Services Administration as
complying with the requirements of the BIM Guide Series 02, Spatial
Program Validation. Vectorworks Architect software (version 2010,
SP2) may now be used on GSA projects that require BIM.

The BIM Guide Series 02, Spatial Program Validation is a set of model
and data requirements, using open standards-based Building
Information Models submitted as part of GSA design contracts, whose
purpose is to ensure that final concept-phase designs meet the
functional requirements specified by the GSA.

To meet the requirements, candidate BIM-authoring software must pass
automated testing, based on a reference building specified by the
GSA, modeled in the candidate software, and exported to the 2X3 IFC
file format. Vectorworks Architect software passed these reference
tests in early December 2009. The certification testing was performed
by Digital Alchemy of Seattle, Washington, a GSA contractor.

“Open interoperability standards are essential for the integrated
delivery of Building Information Models, and we are very pleased to
be able to offer a highly affordable option for those architects and
designers contracting to the GSA,” says Robert Anderson, vice
president of Integrated Practice for Nemetschek North America. “As
BIM design standards evolve, Nemetschek North America will be there,
involved with those setting the standards and helping to open up the
BIM authoring process to those who care about design.”

Vectorworks Architect software is a cross-platform, general purpose,
BIM-authoring tool that focuses on the design-phase modeling and
documentation of the architectural-design process. It offers 3D
modeling at any level of detail, parametric architectural objects,
advanced presentation, and the ability to attach industry-standard
BIM data to any custom 3D geometry required by the designer.