HYPER has announced the 2022 release of the HyperDrive iMac Turntable Dock that’s been nominated for the 2022 CES Innovation Awards. 

It features a 360-degree swivel mechanism that allows working professionals and creatives to share content on their screen and adjust viewing angles for conference calls or streaming.

The iMac Turntable Dock also features a built-in M.2 SATA/NVME SSD enclosure capable of providing 2TB of storage. It enables users with a push-to-release feature, allowing anyone to install or remove SSD cards in a flash. 

The iMac Turntable Dock provides 10 ports: one HDMI video port, one MicroSD/SD slot, one USB-C port and four USB-A ports. It measures11.02” x 9.45” x 1.30” and costs US$199.99. It’s due for release soon.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today