Bluelounge ( has introduced CableDrop, an
adjustable cable clip that helps reconfigure one’s desktop in a
multitude of ways. Designed by emerging industrial designer Greg
Fulco, the Bluelounge CableDrop can be fixed behind or onto any
desktop or adjacent walls and furniture.

CableDrop is offered in two different packs, either in muted colors
(Off White, Rust, Warm Grey) or bright fun colors (orange, pink, lime
green). They cost is US$9.95 for a pack of six, and is available for
purchase right away through .

CableDrop comes in a dual color scheme. The muted color set
compliments and blends in with typical office & home furniture, while
the bright lively color set allows one to make a personal statement,
according to Greg Fulco, designer of CableDrop. CableDrop’s contours
are smooth and natural, as though hand-sculpted, he adds.

CableDrop is made from Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU). A durable
peel-off adhesive on the back of each CableDrop means it can be
applied to any desired vertical or horizontal surface.