Apple has placed fourth on the “Happiest Companies of 2022” list compared by CareerBliss, which specializes in workplace psychology.

The list recognizes the “top companies from all around the United States who have continued to provide a positive and rewarding work environment, despite the impact of COVID-19 and high amounts of resignations.” Ahead of Apple on the list are Intuit, American Express, and Tesla.

CareerBliss’ Heidi Golledge says the CareerBliss 50 Happiest Companies were carefully chosen from thousands of independent employee reviews from hundreds of companies over the last year.

CareerBliss data evaluates the 10 key factors that impact happiness at work including: one’s relationship with management and company CEO, compensation, workplace environment, growth opportunities, satisfaction with job role, and one’s overall workplace setting. The results are generated from review submissions and serve to provide insight into employers. All reviews are ranked on a scale of 1-5. Data is for the CareerBliss Happiest Companies during the last year.

Golledge says what’s unique to this year in addition to the specific hardships brought on by COVID-19, is that despite the challenges this year’s list of companies had BlissScores that ranked mostly above 4.0 with 5.0 being a perfect score in all categories. Apple scored 4.350 out of 5.0 compared to 4.362 for Tesla, 4.395 for American Express, and 4.397 for Intuit.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today