Another day, another lawsuit. As noted by Reuters, Tinder owner, the Match Group, has filed an antitrust case against Apple in India. It accuses Apple of “monopolist conduct” by forcing developers to pay high commissions for in-app purchases.

Last year a court in the Netherlands found Apple’s app-store payment policies, which require app developers to pay up to 30% in commissions on in-app purchases, to be uncompetitive and ordered the tech giant to make changes. The dating service has also sued Google to prevent Tinder and its other apps from being booted off the Play store for refusing to share up to 30% of their sales.

Now Tinder owner, the Mat Group, Match Group argues that “Apple’s conduct restricts innovation and development of app developers that offer digital services by enforcing the use of its proprietary in-app purchase system and ‘excessive’ 30% commission”

“Apple is therefore leveraging its dominant position in the iOS App Store market, to promote the exclusive use of its own payment solution,” Mark Buse, head of global government relations for Match, said in the filing.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today