Cher Scarlett, an organizer of the #AppleToo movement, is leaving Apple and will drop a U.S. National Labor Relations Board complaint against the company after reaching a settlement. Her lawyer told Bloomberg that she has requested to withdraw an NLRB complaint filed in September.

“The matter was settled privately and the request for withdrawal is pending before the board,” Scarlett’s lawyer, Alek Felstiner, said. “We hope the crucial organizing work at Apple will continue.”

In August Scarlett, an Apple engineer, started a new survey on Typeform, which she paid for out of her own pocket. It asked Apple employees to volunteer information on their salary, level, team, latest RSU grant, tenure at Apple, geographic location, signing bonus, relevant work experience, as well as whether they’re permanently remote, and a member of an underrepresented race or gender.

According to an August 2020 report from Digital Information World Apple and PayPal offer women employees $12,000 less than men – at an average. The average salary at Facebook is $112,000 for women and $129,000 for men.

At an average, a woman earns 80.7 cents for every dollar a man earns at a full-time position. According to data issued by the US Census Bureau, women’s median annual earnings are $9,909 less than men’s. 

When considered in the tech sector, women are offered 3% less than men for the same job – at the same company, reports job portal Hired

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today