XMonitor is a real-time, graphical, systems monitoring application for Mac
OS X. XMonitor allows you to watch your CPU, RAM, disk, and network usage,
PPP, IP address, Email, uptime, and much more. The interface can be
reconfigured on the fly to present just the data you want. Transparency,
colors, font, text size, CPU use, graphing mode, and update interval can
all be customized. All four graphs can be placed in the Dock, with
real-time updates and XMonitor can hide & show itself just like the Dock in
Mac OS X. Up to 25 remote servers and 50 days of historical performance
data can be monitored for network availability and exported for display on
the web. This includes 8 separate 400X400 pixel charts, host information,
and remote server status.

XMonitor requires Mac OS 10.1 or higher and is available at
(http://xmonitor.forked.net/). XMonitor is shareware and costs only what
you are willing to pay for it.

Jon Daniels (apex@forked.net)