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k-BUILDER=81 Released for OS X

(Valencia, CA) 1stKIOSK announces the release of k-BUILDER=81, the only
native MacOS X, interactive application development tool specifically
written for kiosk projects, at the KioskCom 2002 tradeshow in Orlando, FL.

k-BUILDER lets you create simple or sophisticated interactive kiosks but it
can also manage the scheduling of images and video for dynamic digital

Perfect for directory systems, registries, retail displays, or for
dispensing coupons, tickets and forms, k-BUILDER can help you sell
products, increase traffic and improve customer relations. It makes a very
secure polling machine, too.

With multilingual support, k-BUILDER is perfect for k-COMMERCE=81 in a globa=
economy. It supports up to 15 languages per project. Text on screens can be
read aloud, which permits a project to comply with the requirements of the
ADA and Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act.

“This is software for creatives and marketing people who don’t want to
learn how to be programmers,” says Mitch Krayton, president of 1stKIOSK.
“Like Apple, we ‘thought different’, so k-BUILDER provides all the power
and control of more challenging developer tools but it does so in the
intuitive way you would expect a MacOS-based product to work.”

k-BUILDER is a native OS X application. That means that OS X’s ‘Aqua’
interface elements can be used as part of the kiosk’s display. k-BUILDER
takes full advantage of OS X’s protected, stable UNIX foundation. It is
fully compliant with QuickTime, ColorSync, and TrueType; and because
k-BUILDER uses AppleScript as its own scripting language, it can easily
communicate with other scriptable applications.

QuickTime support means that k-BUILDER automatically imports hundreds of
data types and that can save a lot of money from needless file conversions.
This also means that content you are using for print, video or web projects
can immediately be used for your interactive kiosk or dynamic sign project,

k-BUILDER works with any USB keyboard device but also includes on-screen
keyboards for touch screen projects where physical keyboards are not

OS X support for laser, inkjet or thermal receipt printers is included.
Support for USB input devices such as bar code scanners, magnetic and smart
card readers, RFID transponders, bill and coin acceptors is under

To manage your project, k-BUILDER includes k-MANAGER=81 which utilizes
FileMaker Pro databases for kiosk configuration, data management, dynamic
loading of kiosk content, and most importantly, maintaining logs of all
user activity. These logs can be formatted into standardized reports that
are vital for market research, to confirm kiosk utilization, and provide
real metrics for “return on investment” calculations.

k-MANAGER supports an optional FileMaker Server configuration, which allows
networked kiosks to share the same databases. To keep your networked kiosks
up-to-date, you simply keep your databases up-to-date on the central server.

Since the MacOS natively supports high-speed Ethernet networking, k-BUILDER
also lets you create wireless kiosk networks in locations where a wired
connection is not practical. k-BUIILDER kiosks can be deployed individually
or in clusters, which are perfect for use at busy trade shows,
transportation terminals or museum exhibits.

k-BUILDER can be used on any OS X supported Macintosh computer with a
minimum 500 MHz, PowerPC G3 processor and 256 MB RAM. A properly configured
iMac is the ideal kiosk platform.

At this time, k-BUILDER is exclusively available from 1stKIOSK for custom
projects only. Stand-alone versions of k-BUILDER and k-BUILDER Pro are
planned for release later this year.

For more information, please see our website at or
email us at for a brochure. You may also give us a call:
(661) 297-9150. 1stKIOSK, Your First Choice for Interactive Kiosks.

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1stKIOSK helps clients extend the use of their digital assets into a new
interactive network-publishing paradigm. 1stKIOSK develops touch screen
kiosks and dynamic digital signs for our clients. We provide project
management, systems integration, programming and the production of
pedestals, displays and enclosures.

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