PowerBookMedic (http://www.powerbookmedic.com), a provider of parts
for Apple laptops and iPods, has announced a new line of DualDrive
devices that can more than double the internal storage capacity in
Mac laptops.

The DualDrive replaces the internal optical drive in a Mac laptop
with a second hard drive. The device has a current maximum capacity
of up to 750GB for non-Macbook Unibody models, and 500GB for Macbook
Unibody models. This allows for a current maximum internal storage
capacity of over 1TB in all MacBook, MacBook Pro, PowerBook G4, and
iBook laptops. The MacBook Pro 17-inch (non Unibody) has a maximum
capacity of 1.5TB.

DualDrive pricing starts at US$59.95 for a bare unit with no drive
installed, and goes up to $259.95 for the 750GB 5400RPM model.