In a Nov. 6 post for 9to5Mac, Bradley Chambers wrote that it’s time for Apple to debut a “pro” version of Mail for business professionals. I (mostly) agree.

Bradley writes: There are so many features that other mail apps like Spark, Spike, Two-Bird, Hey, and even Outlook offer compared to Apple Mail’s feature set that it’s beginning to look bare compared to alternatives. However, as I mentioned at the beginning, Apple Mail is likely one of the most popular apps on macOS and iOS, so if they wanted to keep them simple for novice users, they could rename it Apple Mail Lite and then go to work on a Pro version that would be ideal for businesses users and prosumers.”

Read his article for the features he’d love to see offered. Chambers’ requests are something folks like my buddy, J. Scott Anderson, has been asking Apple for for a long time (though he doesn’t like the “pro” moniker). I’m fine with using Mail as it is, but business pros need more, and Scott wants to see an “end to the information silos in the companies software.”

Here’s what he told me: “Bradley did miss one important context…Contacts. You often do things with or for people. By nature of their e-mail address, the e-mai itself is linked to people. But you cannot easily link people to Reminders. More importantly, you cannot easily look at a person and see all of the events, action items, e-mail, and document that are related to a person. They’ve introduce more tagging (weak as it is) to their suite of apps, but it is way behind.”

What do you think? Does Apple need a “pro” version of Mail?

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today