Ford has announced that Apple’s Doug Field is leaving the tech giant to join the auto maker. He’ll serve as chief advanced technology and embedded systems officer.

According to Ford, Field will lead the company’s efforts to develop the next-gen Blue Oval Intelligence tech stack to deliver “smart, connected vehicles and services that improve over time through constant updates.” He will oversee the company’s Embedded Software and Hardware organization currently consisting of Vehicle Controls, Enterprise Connectivity, Features, Integration & Validation, Architecture & Platform, Driver Assistance Technology and Digital Engineering Tools.

Field has worked at various companies, including Tesla. The electric car maker hired Field, who was serving as Apple’s vice president of Mac Hardware Engineering at the time, in 2013. He was hired to head the company’s vehicle development programs. Before joining Apple, Field was Segway’s CTO. In August, Field returned to Apple and became head of the Apple Car project 

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today