Omikron Basic 8.0 Now Available for Mac OS X

The time is here, Omikron Basic v8 now runs as a native
application under MacOS X. Visit our website to download a demo


Omikron Basic is a versatile and easy to learn programming language
delivering the true BASIC look and feel even while running under
modern operating systems.
– Most Omikron Basic applications do not require internal knowledge of
the Macintosh operating system.
– No complex project definitions, no runtime libraries. Simply open a
program window and start to write your program.
– The super speedy compiler/debugger allows an immediate testing of
the programs.
– Omikron Basic generates extremely fast and compact PowerPC code.
Small programs remain small after compiling them.
– Modular programming with procedures and functions.
– Recursive programming due to local and global variables.
– Indirect addressing (same as with C) with pointer and address
Please visit our website at  (a
)  for additional
information about the many features of Omikron Basic.

New in Omikron Basic 8:
– Omikron Basic 8 now runs as a native application under Mac OS X.
– The extension library was expanded with Mac OS X functions.
– The DIM command now functions also with pointer and address

Omikron Basic runs nativly under System X or under System 8.6  or
9 with CarbonLib installed.
The program requires at least 16 MB of free RAM memory. Once
installed, Omikron Basic 8.0 uses approx. 20 MB of hard drive

Omikron Basic is available in three download variations:

– The demo version is freeware and may be used without time
restrictions. However, this version is only suitable to create small
demo programs with max. 75 program lines.
– The Lite version costs $53 and is suitable for medium-sized programs
with max. 5000 program lines.
– The Pro version costs $107 and is suitable for large programs with
up to 65535 program lines.

All three variations include the Extension Library as well as a lite
version of the EasyGem Library to create user interfaces.

For an additional fee Omikron Basic is also available on CD.

More Information about Omikron Basic is available at