Kevin Lynch, Apple’s vice president of Technology, will take a role leading the development of the Apple Car, according to Business Insider.

About Kevin Lynch

He joined Apple in 2013 after working as the chief technology officer of Adobe Systems. Lynch has been responsible for, among other things, developing the Apple Watch software.

When can we expect an Apple Car?

The status of an Apple auto is unclear. On June 2, Bloomberg reported that Apple has lost “several” top managers from its “Apple Car” project. Here’s what the report says: Apple Inc. has lost multiple top managers of its self-driving car team in recent months, a sign of attrition at the division involved in what could become an important future product.

If an Apple Car ever arrives, it probably won’t arrive until 2024 at the earliest. In fact, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo doesn’t expect it until at least 2025.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today