, a video review and collaboration platform, has announced the launch of Transfer v3.7, an update of its file sharing app that’s equipped with all new updates that deliver speed, precision and security.

The new version offers more customizable control over how users move creative assets. Transfer now lets users upload and download large files, entire folders—or entire projects—with a single click. You can use it to monitor progress updates, prioritize transfer job order, and configure bandwidth for even more flexibility.

Desktop Notifications can be turned on to alert users when a transfer has been completed or interrupted. Configurable overwrite behavior handles duplicate files, while xxHash checksums ensure the accuracy of a transfer. Plus, when download permissions are enabled, recipients of Public Share Links can even download assets via Transfer without having to log in.

Finally, creatives can configure upload and download rates using’s new bandwidth allocation panel, so they can optimize for speed, or multitask more easily while transfers are in progress.