Xeric Design has announced that EarthDesk, its real-time dynamic desktop map, is now available for tvOS in the App Store. 

The app converts your Apple TV into a near real-time, dynamic image of our planet, continuously updating throughout the day. EarthDesk TV displays accurate sun, moon, and city lighting, and uses current satellite weather data to display global cloud coverage with transparency and moonlight reflection, allowing you to track hurricanes and other weather systems on your large screen TV. 

EarthDesk TV includes four high-resolution maps and four map projections, including a  globe. It offers a random viewpoint option that moves through a dazzling array of world views every 40 seconds, dramatically reducing potential burn-in problems.

EarthDesk TV costs US$4.99 and allows users to purchase an optional data subscription for one, three, six, and 12-month periods (starting at $1.99/month) which offers 16 times more detail in the cloud layer, as well as worldwide earthquakes, named storms (typhoons, hurricanes, etc.), and the current position, past track, and future track of the International Space Station.

Without a data subscription, EarthDesk TV’s cloud data updates every six hours at a detail level of two megapixels. There are no other data feeds.