Pond5, a marketplace for footage and music, says every video clip and music track, as well as tens of millions of sound effects, images, and 3D models from world-class artists will now be available with the broadest licensing rights in the stock media industry.

Included in the price of the content, the standard Pond5 license provides worldwide distribution, across all media, forever. On top of that, Pond5 also includes US$15,000 in legal coverage free-of-charge, with comprehensive representations and warranties, for a completely worry-free experience, according to Constantine Anastasakis, head of marketing.

With stay-at-home orders bringing most productions to a halt, many creators are leveraging stock footage and music in their projects to a greater extent than ever before. However, the legalese and fine print that’s typical in the stock media industry can make licensing content complicated and time-consuming.

Pond5 offers over 21 million videos and one million music tracks starting at $15. Additionally, Pond5 offers robust custom solutions for any use case — for example, creators seeking to use editorial footage in their commercial production — says Anastasakis.