Concrete Software ( has released
Nintaii, a mobile puzzle game for the iPhone and iPod Touch.
Originally published by Mobigloo, a top developer of mobile content,
Concrete Software brings this game to the world of the iPhone and
iPod touch.

Here’s how Nintaii is described: “Nintaii is a brain twisting puzzle
game of rolling blocks and switches. Be ready to roll your block over
the course of this 100 level challenge. Just like most of the
greatest puzzle games, Nintaii has a simple concept and yet proves to
be very challenging, electrifying and attractive. The Japanese term
‘nintai’ means patience, perseverance, or endurance.

“The objective of the game is to tumble a rectangular block through
each stage and deposit it into the square hole at the end. Switches,
road blocks and arrows are located in many levels. Switches are
activated by having the block stand on it.”