PoE Texas has launched a new line of 24 port switches and midspan injectors for building infrastructure systems and security” that give a new perspective on Power Over Ethernet.” They are:

° GBT-24-M, which offers 24 ports of high-powered, high density 4 Pair Power Over Ethernet affordable. Designed for the digital workplace, the GBT-24-M empowers you to select the network switch you want with the PoE you need.  

° AT-24: Do you just need PoE+ power?  The AT-24 offers 24 ports of IEEE 802.3at PoE that you can add to any PoE or non-PoE switch to upgrade your system without having to tear out the network infrastructure you know works for you.  

° GPOE-24B: Cost conscious and confident in only connecting PoE powered devices like Wifi access points or Wireless Internet Service equipment?  Now you can have 24 ports of 30 watt passive Mode B PoE with PoE Texas power supplies to add to any switch or PoE switch you want for less than $14 per port.

° GPOES-24-2-55v390w: Tired of figuring out how to log into and configure managed switches and console-based programming just to set up  security cameras or PTZ cameras?  You don’t need QoS or tunneling, or tachyon particle streams. The GPOES-24-2-55v390w provides IEEE 802.3at (PoE+) that you can purportedly manage with a LCD screen on the front of the device.