KnowledgeMiner Software, in partnership with Intel and Microsoft, has
released a major new data mining application for the Mac called
KnowledgeMiner (yX) for Excel (
KnowledgeMiner (yX) for Excel takes advantage of multi-core
processors thru the use of parallelization to achieve speeds more
then 600 times faster then previously, claims creator Frank Lemke.

The goal of using KnowledgeMiner (yX) for Excel is to obtain useful
knowledge from large collections of data. The discovered knowledge
can be equations describing properties of the data, frequently
occurring patterns, clusterings of the information, etc.

“The technology for data collection has made it easy to create
massive stockpiles of data and these are growing rapidly.” Lemke
says. “On the other hand the technology of data analysis has lagged
far behind and tends to be time consuming and expensive.
KnowledgeMiner (yX) for Excel is aimed at making the process faster
and easier.

Spreadsheets are great at concentrating, displaying and manipulating
data but standard spreadsheet functions don’t reveal anything new, he
adds. (yX) goes a big step further and extracts information from
spreadsheet data, that the users did not already know. (yX) shows
relationships that were previously unknown. (yX) can give equations
that describe the data. (yX) is a tool for predictive analytics.

The predictive analytics in (yX) uses a variety of
techniques/algorithms from statistics and data mining to analyze
current and historical data then makes predictions about future
events. (yX) starts with raw data which it converts to information.
This information is then converted into knowledge about historical
patterns and future trends.

Lemke says KnowledgeMiner is most often purchased and used for
stocks, currencies, and financial trading, but is also useful in
every field of research and has been used with great success in
recent projects in cancer research, prediction of wastewater
pre-precipitation and wastewater reuse, to identify walking gait
abnormalities for persons wearing prosthetic legs, analyzing medical
data obtained from observing eye movement of children, etc.

KnowledgeMiner contains many pre-modeled examples from various
application areas, several sample scripts for program-to-program
communication, a sample KDD workflow applescript, TransformModel, and
a Business Intelligence Workflow Case Study. KnowledgeMiner (yX) for
Excel also includes a PDF copy of the book called (i)Self-Organising
Data Mining. Extracting Knowledge From Data(/i) by Prof. J.A. Mueller
and Lemke.

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