A new study by tech-buying site Decluttr says that Americans are sitting on US$43 billion of unused tech in their homes, averaging $199 worth of tech per household.

As Americans continue to purchase and upgrade mobile phones and other tech items year after year, the question is, where do their “outdated” products end up? Decluttr  surveyed 2,000 U.S. adults to determine the frequency at which Americans are purchasing new tech, how much is being spent and how much unused tech is left in a drawer collecting dust when it’s “in with the new, ‘out’ with the old.” Here are a few key findings:

° Nine in 10 Americans have unused tech and/or mobile phones sitting in their homes.

° The average American could make $199 by trading in their old tech. 

° Unused iPhones alone are worth $28B, expected to decline in trade-in value by $14 billion this year.

° About one-third are unaware that old tech can be traded-in or sold for cash and recycled.