As COVID-19 pandemic has reached over 100 counties and major tech companies including Apple, Amazon, Google, Facebook, Twitter and Microsoft instructed their staff to work from home, TransparentBusiness has announced a series of free webinars for corporate executives on efficiently managing telecommuters.

California, New York, Florida, Maryland and four other states have declared the State of Emergency. In China and Italy, over 50 and 60 million people respectively are under travel restrictions. 

Executives around the world are scrambling to shift their staff to work-from-home mode. Remote work is notoriously hard to manage, to the degree that some of the largest tech companies had given up on telecommuting (Yahoo, IBM, HP), according to Transparent Business CEO Alex Konanykhin, one of the seminar speakers.

The other webinar speaker will be Moe Vela the company’s “chief transparency officer. During the webinar, the participant will learn about

  • importance of remote work during the times of pandemic;
  • easy way to achieve visibility of the computer-based work performed remotely;
  • efficient monitoring and coordination of home workers;
  • assessing real-time status and costs of every task;
  • privacy protection and security of data.

The first webinar will take place on Thursday March 12, at 10 a.m. (Eastern). Registration is open at .