Zevrix Solutions has announced Package Central 1.11.11, a maintenance update to company’s document collection workflow automation solution for Adobe InDesign. The software automates InDesign document packaging by processing files from hot folders. Package Central offloads file collection to a central system leaving operator workstations free from the packaging process. 

The new version ensures that Package Central will use the current running version of InDesign instead of launching the latest one, which was the case with earlier releases of the app. It’s especially useful for the customers who need to switch between InDesign versions in order to serve different clients. For example, users now can open InDesign CC 2018 to make Package Central process jobs using that version rather than the latest 2020 release.

Package Central can be purchased for US$149.95 from the Zevrix website (www.zevrix.com). A demo is available for download. The update is free for registered users. Package Central requires macOS 10.8-10.15 and Adobe InDesign CS5-2020.