SS&C Technologies Holdings, Inc. has released its annual research on the digital behaviors and expectations of financial advisors. The report identifies critical areas where asset managers can improve advisors’ digital experience and provides industry examples of best practices. The study also found that better digital experiences significantly influence advisors’ asset manager choice.

The 4 Ways to Set Up Your Digital Experiences for Success with the Next Generation report analyzed responses from 582 financial advisors it surveyed about their online behaviors, expectations and needs, in association with Horsesmouth, an online community that helps financial professionals educate their clients and grow their businesses. Additionally, SS&C reviewed and ranked 54 asset managers on the experiences they deliver across the advisor website, LinkedIn, Twitter and email, both on desktop and smartphones.

“A growing number of today’s advisors are digital natives, and they are raising the bar for online digital experiences,” said Lee Kowarski, vice president., Head of Data Science & Distribution Solutions. “Asset managers have an opportunity to get ahead of the competition by improving digital engagement. By examining practices of digital leaders, we hope to help asset managers identify key areas for improvement and secure the resources for better digital programs.”

Jon Davies, senior vice president, digital marketing, Fidelity Investments, adsd: “The next generation of advisors expect engaging, intuitive and personalized online experiences across both their professional and personal lives. Coupled with Fidelity’s range of asset management products and solutions, we’re committed to building online resources that incorporate – and anticipate – the needs of today’s digital consumers/

Key findings from the SS&C report include:

° While two in five Millennial advisors say recommending relevant content based on their needs and interests would tip the balance in favor of a firm, only 11.1% of firms use personalization to deliver more relevant content at the top of the website home page.

° Virtually all next-generation advisors are reading emails on their smartphones daily, but emails from just 5.4% of firms didn’t require resizing to read on an iPhone.

° Three in 10 firms demonstrate transparency by listing loads and breaking out fees on product profiles.