According to, electric vehicles will continue to grow but they will not be mainstream in the next decade, while autonomous vehicles can’t get out of the test phase. 

Electric vehicle use is rising in urban centers as costs go down, but overall use in the country will continue to lag due to consistently low gas prices, lack of public infrastructure, the recent EPA/California ruling and pending trade wars according to the auto selling site. Autonomy is a whole other issue with similar missed expectations, according to Joe Wiesenfelder, executive editor of 

Consumers think it’s naptime from the driver’s seat, but in reality the current driver-assist features are the extent of autonomy that are as likely to cause frustration as provide relief, he adds. “Technically, nothing is stopping a fully-autonomous car from driving down Main Street today under favorable conditions, but we don’t foresee widespread adoption and affordability for the average consumer in this decade,” Wiesenfelder says.