Apple has announced a billing grace period for subscriptions. The tech giant says it has “worked closely with leading developers to create a solution for reducing customer churn while improving the experience for auto-renewable subscriptions.”

Developers can now enable Billing Grace Period for their apps with auto-renewable subscriptions in App Store Connect. Billing Grace Period allows you to let subscribers whose auto-renewal has failed due to a payment issue continue accessing your app’s paid content for a period of time while Apple attempts to collect payment. 

There won’t be any interruption to the subscriber’s days of paid service or to a developer’s revenue if Apple is able to recover the subscription within the grace period. To get started, developers should turn on Billing Grace Period for their app in App Store Connect.

° From the homepage, click My Apps, and select your app from the list.

° In the toolbar, click Features, and in the left column, click In-App Purchases.

° In the Billing Grace Period section, click Turn On.

° In the pop up window, click Confirm.

In order for Billing Grace Period to work properly, developers will need to use receipt validation to ensure they’re providing service to customers within the grace period.