Proctor & Gamble (P&G) is making its first appearance this week at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and showing some Internet of Things (IoT) technology used in everyday objects.

According to VentureBeat (, the company is putting sensors and artificial intelligence into things like skin advisers, razors, and blemish removers. The article says P&G’s LifeLab concepts include:

° The Gilette self-heating razor (pictured), which heats itself so “you can enjoy a shave with a warm, comfortable blade”;

° SK-II Future X Smart Store, a traveling learning lab and pop-up store that uses facial recognition, smart sensors, and computer vision tech to provide smart skincare counseling;

° Olay Skin Advisor, an online beauty tool that uses artificial intelligence to analyze your selfies and make custom skincare recommendations;

° Airi, a connected home fragrance device that can distribute custom levels of scent throughout your home, managed conveniently through a mobile app.