Company: YENCO.COM
Release Date: July 16, 2001
Product: Agenda
Version: 2.2
Size: 933 K
Class: Shareware
Cost: $20.00 (USD)

Product Description / What’s New:

July 16, 2001

YENCO.COM is proud to announce the release of Agenda 2.2!

The Agenda is a round, virtual device which can greet you, tell you the
current date, read off your scheduled events for the day and remind you of
pending items on your to-do list. The Agenda features a text-entry system
and shortcuts to make entering and retrieving your event and to-do list
information easy. It’s fast! It’s simple! It’s easy to customize! And it’s
compatible with Mac OS 9 and the Mac OS X Classic Environment.

What’s New:
– Improved cut, copy and paste.
– Improved drag & drop support.
– Context-aware help system updated.
– Improved virtual battery indicator.
– Improved virtual plastic/metal prefs.
– Updated shareware registration system.
– Severl under-the-hood changes.

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Mike Yenco

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Mike Yenco