V-MODA has released its SpeakEasy DAC/AMP Lightning Cable. SpeakEasy comes complete with DAC (Digital-to-Analog converter) technology and a built-in amplifier, along with an integrated microphone and remote, for high-end wired audio quality for listening and communication on iOS devices.

The SpeakEasy Lightning Cable’s DAC/AMP technology allows listeners to plug in their high-end headphones and listen to audio nuances they’ve never heard before, according to Val Kolton, CEO of V-MODA. SpeakEasy integrates a 24-bit DAC (Digital-to-Analog Converter), certified by Apple “Made for iOS” (MFi) standards, to convert digital signal into analog V-MODA high-resolution sound. 

With a “signal-to-noise ratio” reaching 114dB, SpeakEasy ensures high reliability and a clear decoding of transmitted signal with minimal noise, Kolton says. The SpeakEasy Cable also features V-MODA’s VAMP headphone amp technology to ensure 31mW output power.

V-MODA’s SpeakEasy DAC/AMP Lightning Cable features a separated microphone and three-button remote control with voice assistance, so users can control volume and music/media playback, make voice calls or command Siri or Google Assistant on Apple devices. It’s available for $101 on V-MODA.com.