Pomfort’s Silverstack Offload Manager for macOS (10.12 and higher) is based on the Silverstack copy and verification technology, and enables a secure, transparent, and easy handling of camera backups.

It’s tailored to the needs of anyone backing up camera footage on set. It offers a way to complete all offload tasks for productions of any size and any budget. All offloaded media can be documented in clearly structured and automatically created offload reports.

The Silverstack Offload Manager supports all kind of camera formats, including RAW sequences, as well as photos, sound files, and other production documents. This gives the user full flexibility to work in any kind of production environment.

All files are copied using the common checksum methods xxHash, MD5, and SHA1. A two-step copy process consisting of the copy, as well as a separate verification step, makes sure that all backups are complete.

The Silverstack Offload Manager enables a copy process that gives users full transparency about their copy results. The automatically created offload reports document all copy jobs, and confirm that all offload tasks have been processed.

The Offload Manager comes with an additional benefit for productions that already work with Silverstack XT. For example, during the backup process, the Silverstack Offload Manager extracts all camera metadata in the background. This metadata can be exported to Silverstack XT, where users can then manage, playback, and QC the project if required.

The Silverstack Offload Manager is available as a one-year license for $139 or as a project license starting from $35. It can be purchased at Pomfort’s web store (https://pomfort.com/offloadmanager/). A 10-day demo is available for download.