UPPERCASE Design’s Premium Ultra Thin Keyboard Protector and its Palm Rest Protector Set for the new 12-inch MacBook provide protection for the laptop’s keyboard and surface and are styled to perfectly match the new MacBook in fit and appearance.

The Premium Ultra Thin Keyboard Protector guards against spills, dust, other contaminants and accidents. It’s made from a flexible engineering-grade polyurethane, not silicone, that is the thinnest keyboard protector ever offered (only 0.12mm/0.0045 in thick) to accommodate the new, thinner butterfly keys on the 12-inch MacBook and minimize typing interference. The thinness also eliminates the possibility of dust being transferred to the screen when the laptop is closed (which can occur with silicone materials).

The protector’s high transparency preserves the MacBook’s elegant look, eliminates the need for printed letters on the protector and allows the keyboard’s backlighting to shine through. The Premium Ultra Thin Keyboard Protector is easily removable (which some users prefer to do for extended typing sessions) and completely washable and reusable. It can be safely left in place when the MacBook 12 is closed.

UPPERCASE Designs’ Palm Rest Protector Set provides durable shielding against dirt, grease, sweat and abrasion and scratching from watches or jewelry. The protectors are made from a premium plastic film that comes in finishes that match the new MacBook’s Gold, Space Gray and Silver colors and aluminum surface and “disappear” when in use. The protectors can be easily applied and removed and leave absolutely no residue.

The UPPERCASE Designs Premium Ultra Thin Keyboard Protector for the 12-inch MacBook has a suggested retail price of $12.99. The Palm Rest Protector Set carries a suggested retail price of $9.99. Both products are currently available from gouppercase.com and Amazon.com.