MainConcept, a provider of video codec technology, has released a multi-platform SDK enabling application developers to ingest Apple ProRes video from MOV and MXF containers in any workflow.

Apple ProRes has become one of the most frequently used intermediate formats in media production. The ProRes bitstream syntax was published as SMPTE RDD-36 in 2015. MainConcept is the first company to introduce a professional SDK for licensing, that allows ingest and real-time playback of ProRes content on all major platforms.

While ProRes video is originally stored in QuickTime (MOV) containers, SMPTE recently published RDD-44 which allows ProRes to be carried in MXF, making it perfectly suited for professional production workflows. The MainConcept ProRes Decoder SDK supports ingesting from both container formats for use in transcoding, editing and playback applications. The SDK is available for Windows, macOS and Linux platforms.

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