I’m pleased to announce the Bluetooth-Mac email discussion list.

Bluetooth-Mac is a forum for Macintosh users and fans of Bluetooth to
discuss hardware, devices and software.

“It is exciting to see Apple on the verge of doing for Bluetooth, what they
did for USB.” Said Eric Prentice, Listmom of Bluetooth-Mac List, “With Mac
OS 10.2 Jaguar now shipping on new machines and phones like Sony Ericsson’s
T68 readily available, the average user now can include Bluetooth
technology in their daily lives. And anything involving new technology will
always benefit from a support system like Bluetooth-Mac list.”

The two-dozen discussion lists at now have over 17000
members and the list server pushes millions of messages each month.

Sending a message to ( will
begin subscription to the list. Or you can fill out one of the forms at:

Eric Prentice