FROM: Sun Microsystems, Java Software Division


Sun Microsystems, Inc. is also pleased to announce the commercial
availability of Java(TM) JumpStart(TM), the essential resource for all Java
application developers. Java JumpStart is a CD-ROM that includes fast
access to the necessary tools and information to help developers write
full-featured, compatible Java applications.

If you program using Java software, Java JumpStart is a must-have product.
Whether you work for an application developer, an in-house IS/IT group, or
a system integrator, Java JumpStart increases your productivity. By
consolidating relevant Java technology resources on a single CD-ROM,
development and deployment of Java applications has never been easier. Java
JumpStart saves valuable programmer time by eliminating the need to search
and download software and information from the Internet. Java JumpStart
includes the latest Java Development Kit, Java(TM) Plug-in, on-line books,
sample code, APIs, Standard Extensions, as well as early access to some
future technologies. Other productivity enhancing features include a
natural language searching capability and the Quick Update Service,
allowing you to download just the incremental differences between future
releases of the JDK 1.1 platform rather then the entire product.

For more information or to purchase Java JumpStart, please visit our web
site at