At the Asia Consumer Electronics Show (CES) held in Shanghai on June 13th, 2018, Hanergy (, a clean energy company, unveiled two of its next-generation mobile energy solutions: a thin-film solar charging pack, an on-the-go electricity generator and storage device; and a thin-film solar backpack, equipped with thin film solar panels for on-the-go charging of personal electronics.

In terms of physical design, Hanergy’s thin-film solar charging pack delivers an accent of high-tech, offering colors in digital grey, gem gold, and lady rouge for options. The free-folding thin-film solar charging pack’s lightweight form provides users with convenient features such as “one-grip to go.” 

With its flexible thin-film solar technology, Hanergy’s thin-film solar charging pack adopts a split-body design that allows it to work regularly even under shadows, and in low light and low temperature environments. Not just an electricity generator, the thin-film solar charging pack also serves as a real-time power bank equipped with 5000mAh of capacity. Also, the thin-film solar charging pack can connect to multiple devices wirelessly. Moreover, designed to meet aviation management requirements, the thin-film solar charging pack is permissible to take on commercial flights.

Hanergy’s new-generation thin-film solar backpack is designed with the needs of a youthful, plugged in generation in mind. Whether traveling abroad, in the great outdoors, or just out and about in the city, the thin-film solar backpack allows its user a constant source of electricity for key electronics like mobile phones and computers. Rather than carry around a mobile charger pack or a tangle of charging cables, users can simply plug in their device to USB ports located inside the bag and on one side of the straps.

The thin-film solar backpack combines even greater charging and energy saving capacity with a fashionable, youth-friendly design. The new model is athletic and sleek in appearance, with a hard exterior for protection of the equipment inside.  While extremely durable, the new thin-film solar backpack also uses a light and flexible Hanergy MiaSole microchip, which converts and stores solar energy as the user walks around outside. With this store of energy, the user can charge his or her device on the go – an iPhone X, for example, can be charged to from 0 to 50% in just 75 minutes.

Zheng Di, Hanergy’s product president, says the latest products will be on Hanergy’s online shop next month.