Strada’s Live Segments ( for iOS is the latest Premium feature to inspire athletes to improve their performance.

Designed for cyclists and runners who use a mobile phone as the their primary training and recording device, the free app offers real-time audio cues and visuals of an athlete’s current effort on a segment, their personal record and the person who is at the top of the leaderboard.

Strava Live Segments provides a variety of visual components, allowing athletes to view their second-by-second performance during starred segments and popular local segments. Audio cues enable athletes to hear their progress on a segment.

To use Strava Live Segments, athletes simply begin by recording a ride or run. As athletes approach a starred segment or a popular segment, the screen automatically changes to Live Segments mode. Athletes will see a map of the upcoming segment including a notification bar with segment name and start location.

As they get closer to the start of the segment, the notification bar turns from black to orange. Once the segment starts, Premium athletes then see their current effort in the center of the screen, their personal record on the left and the KOM, QOM or CR on the right.

Color coding makes it easy to view progress and effort during a segment. Upon completing, the screen summarizes their results and then returns to the athlete’s live stats.