CTM Development releases PowerMail 3.0.9v2
) native versions for Mac OS X and 9 available

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – June 10th, 2001 – CTM Development releases a new
version of its $49 flagship e-mail application for Macintosh, PowerMail,
now natively supported both on Mac OS X (Carbon) and on Mac OS 9 and 8

Designed as a fully-featured, user friendly alternative to Microsoft’s
Outlook Express/Entourage and Eudora, PowerMail features the highest
performance mail searching capability, excellent compatibility with complex
languages such as Japanese, Chinese and Hebrew as well as a
state-of-the-art Mac-like design with Aqua support.

The new version offers 3 new features and 12 bug fixes; it has been
successfully tested with Mac OS X version 10.0.1 and Mac OS 9.1 (all
releases since 8.5 are supported). PowerMail 3.0.9v2 can be ordered, or
evaluated as a 30-day trial, from http://www.ctmdev.com; this version is
free upgrade for PowerMail 3.0 registered users.

For additional information regarding PowerMail, kindly contact


PowerMail 3.0.9v2 is available both as a 30-day evaluation or
free update for currently registered users of PowerMail 3:

“Carbon” version for Mac OS X:

“Classic” version for Mac OS 9 and 8:
http://www.powermailtech.com/pm3.sit or

Additional download sites and french version from our download page at:



3 new features / enhancements, including 2 specifically for OS X

1. Implemented a new, lowest-level database rebuild mechanism
for restoring databases which might have been damaged by bad
disk errors (error codes in the 158, 159, 160 range). This
feature is now available as the fourth checkbox in the
PowerMail First Aid window (option-command when launching).
However, please note that the low-level rebuild mechanism is
not to be used on a systematic basis, as it cannot be
interrupted, may take a while and is not able to display a
thermometer-type reading of its progress.In all cases, backup
first when using this option.
Nevertheless, we have added this as a response to the rare
occurrences of database corruption that a small number of
users have experienced.
2. [OS X] The PowerMail help file can now be viewed from within the
application itself (under the Help menu) using the system’s
help viewer.
3. [OS X] The French language version for OS X is now available;
it is part of the same application as the English-language
PowerMail for Mac OS X using Apple’s new “multiple language”
PowerMail will automatically launch in French if it is the
System language or if French is set to be the highest
priority language in the System settings.

12 bug fixes, including 4 specifically for OS X

1. An error would occur when attempting to send a message with
multiple attachments using the Stuffit Engine.
2. Fixed a cosmetic problem when dragging columns when a list
window was very wide
3. Fixed a refresh problem in the recipients pane when using the
navigation buttons (next/previous message) in an open
received message window
4. Fixed a refresh problem in the type-completion window (in the
recipients pane) when there were fewer than 5 items displayed
5. When an attachment encoding was specified for an address book
entry, this encoding was used only when creating a new
message manually and not when the message was created by
AppleScript or when replying to a message from a sender with
the same address
6. In the address book, checking the “preferred attachment
encoding” would not be saved if it was the only modification
performed on an existing entry.
7. Attempting to change the label of a list of messages could
fail when the list was sorted by labels
8. We no longer display a protocol error if a POP3 server
erroneously claims an “ERR” message when there are simply no
messages to fetch
9. [OS X] Checkboxes were not correctly drawn in the Connect
10. [OS X] Thanks to Apple’s new Carbon implementation, Japanese
strings are correctly displayed in popup menus and window
11. [OS X] Error -4960 when pasting is fixed within text fields
is fixed (worked around a MacOS X bug when converting
clipboard TEXT to Unicode)
12. [OS X] Fixed extreme slowness when typing in the subject
field under some circumstances (when text was copied to the
clipboard from other applications in the classic


CTM Development and PowerMail Technologies will be soon be selecting 20
testers for the forthcoming IMAP release of PowerMail (version 3.1).

We are seeking both Mac OS 9 and X users willing to participate in a
serious qualification processsm under non-disclosure agreement, with
mandatory feedback during 2 to 3 test cycles per month.

The 5 top most relevant contributors will get their name in the About box
If you are interested in helping us, kindly copy the following information:

Organization :
Name :
e-mail address :
Current IMAP server :
Current IMAP client :
# of Macs on network:

Usage context : [ ] Corporate [ ] Academic [ ] ISP account
[ ] Small business [ ] Powerbook

Typical connections : [ ] LAN [ ] Wireless LAN (AirPort)
[ ] xDSL [ ] ISDN [ ] Ricochet
[ ] Modem [ ] GSM/PCS [ ] other:

click mailto:beta@ctmdev.com?Subject=IMAP%20testing%20candidate
then paste and complete the form.

All information will be treated confidentially; we will contact applicants
within ten working days.


Designed as a robust and sustainable alternative to ordinary Macintosh e-
mail applications, PowerMail 3.0.9v2 is based on the PowerMail Engine(tm),
robust foundation for cross-platform e-mail clients encompassing 8 years
of mail and directory experience.

Benefits for users include:
– Ultra-fast searching of e-mail archives using Sherlock(tm) technology
– Migration tools for importing message databases and address books
with groups from Claris Emailer, Eudora, Netscape, Outlook Express
4.5, AppleShare IP, Unix mailbox, Apple Mail, LDIF and more
– Ability to export and archive and messages and addresses in stan-
dard formats (Eudora, Netscape, Unix Mbox, LDIF, Apple Mail, tab text)
– Multi-language text processing abilities based on Unicode (English,
Japanese, Swedish, French, Hebrew, Russian, Arabic and 55 other)
– Modern, responsive and Mac-like user-interface

PowerMail 3 is available immediately on-line as a 30 day demo version.
– Degressive licensing prices start at US$ 49
– Upgrades from PowerMail 2.4 are US$ 29

Try the PowerMail 3 demo : http://www.ctmdev.com/download.shtml
More information on PM 3 : http://www.ctmdev.com/powermail3.shtml
Buy PM 3 (secure) from : https://www.ctmdev.com/sales.shtml
Upgrade from PM 2.4 to 3 : https://www.ctmdev.com/buy_pm3/start

PowerMail 3 for Macintosh is a product of CTM Development (info@ctmdev.com)

The PowerMail Engine, a licensable multi-platform mail client foundation
for Windows, BSD UNIX, Linux, Mac OS and portable devices is a product of