Elgato’s portable LED lamp Eve Flare and the smart water controller Eve Aqua will be available beginning Monday, June 25, with pre-orders starting immediately. HomeKit enabled, wireless, water-resistant, and accessible from an iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Siri, Eve Flare and Eve Aqua are two summer gadgets that bring comfort to the outdoors.

“Making your garden or patio shine is easy with Eve Flare. Find a spot, open the Eve App, pick the perfect shade and enjoy hours and hours of soothing light,” says Ina Hirsch, Director Marketing, Elgato. “Meanwhile, Eve Aqua keeps your lawn and garden green without you having to lift a finger. Just tell Siri to start watering or set schedules for automatic irrigation – Eve Aqua will take care of the timing, the amount, and automatic shutoff. A fully autonomous device, Eve Aqua is perfect for keeping your plants watered while you’re away on vacation.”

Eve Flare delivers ultra-versatile ambient lighting. Featuring six hours of untethered illumination, wireless charging, a durable casing with IP65 water resistance, a carry-and-hang handle, and onboard buttons, Eve Flare is built to go from your bedroom to your balcony to your garden and beyond – virtually wherever you need a pop of light. Leveraging the power of HomeKit, Eve Flare will react to a Siri command, or come to life by itself courtesy of an automation running on your home hub. 

Expanding the standard HomeKit color presets available in the Home app, the Eve app features a beautiful set of ready-made shades optimized for Eve Flare. The app even lets you handpick and fine-tune your own hues via a full-spectrum color wheel.

Eve Aqua converts your outdoor faucet into an intelligent water outlet. Activate your sprinkler via your iPhone, Siri, or the onboard button, and let it shut off automatically. Automate your irrigation system by creating fully autonomous schedules in the Eve app. And, when connected to a home hub, you can access Eve Aqua even while on vacation: Depending on the weather at home, increase your watering duration, or suspend your schedule. What’s more, you can track your water consumption based on your irrigation system’s flow rate, directly in the Eve app. Eve Aqua is UV and water-resistant, so you can leave it connected all season.

Customers can pre-order Eve Aqua immediately for $99.95. Eve Flare is immediately available to pre-order in Europe and will start shipping on June 25 for 99.95 Euro.