StarTech has released the $259.99 HDMI to USB-C Video Capture Device (UVCHDCAP), which enables users to record video and audio directly to a computer with maximized compatibility and mobility. 

This product is compatible with both Mac and Windows devices and features automatic installation thanks to the use of UVC: USB Video Class Technology. Its plug and play installation make it perfect for office environments where employees work on both Mac and Windows-based devices.

The device can be used to record meetings, presentations or conference calls to be uploaded or shared for future reference, with ease. Its compact size, lightweight and rugged design also make it ideal for education or healthcare professionals who require mobility and video capture in various locations. Video enthusiasts can use this device to record or live stream your 1080p content to any online video platform from a laptop or game console. It is also compatible with USB-A, USB-C or Thunderbolt 3 computers.

The HDMI to USB-C Video Capture device features USB Video Class (UVC) technology, which is a video capture standard that is natively supported by Mac, Windows, and Linux. The use of UVC in this device provides users with the ability to work with their computer’s native video capture driver, removing the limitations of included software. Whether individuals prefer to use DirectShow applications on Windows or QuickTime on Mac, no additional drivers need to be installed for the device.