Sal Soghoian has announced the first CMD-D: Down-Home Scripting Boot Camp, an expanded three days of scripting education, with hands-on exercises and limited class size.

Taught by two expert scripters, Sal Soghoian and Ray Robertson, the CMD-D: Down-Home Scripting Boot Camp will be held Oct. 15-17, 2018 in the Atlanta metropolitan area. Taking place at the Hilton Garden Inn outside of Atlanta in

Cartersville, Georgia, the CMD-D: Down-Home Scripting Boot Camp (pronounced “Command-D”) offers an educational agenda designed for anyone new or interested in scripting on the Mac.

Attendees will learn the structure of the AppleScript language, how to create solutions with custom interfaces, in addition to how to manipulate text, data and images, and even explore new scripting concepts on iOS. Sample scripts for a variety of apps will be included. Registration for the CMD-D: Down-Home Scripting Boot Camp is open at